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What is C to the A Blog?

Hello everyone! We’d like to welcome you all to the C to the A blog!

This blog is meant to serve as a place for helpful resources for bloggers, students (in any grade level), and technology enthusiasts. We enjoy helping others and hope to provide you with useful information that can help you succeed in your career (whether it be in blogging, college major, or having more technology knowledge).

Where Did The Blog Name Come From?

The name C to the A came about for a couple of reasons:

  • California starts with a “C” and ends with an “A” (and we’re both from California)
  • Our state abbreviation is CA.
  • With our helpful blog posts, we strive to help students go from a “C” to an “A” letter grade.
  • Luis’s favorite soccer team is Cruz Azul.
  • Anthony’s last name is Pacheco and when you switch the order of the “a” & the “c”, you get, CA!

The C to the A Team

Who Is Luis Urbano?

Luis Urbano was born in Modesto, CA, is a major soccer fan (his favorite teams are Cruz Azul and Sacramento Republic FC) and is attempting to reach a world (or at least city) record of most majors obtained ever (he’s currently at 5, close to 6); good luck Warrior! Speaking of Warriors, he actually attended Stanislaus State, where he used to run a blog for the Admissions & Outreach department called,Words from a Warrior. He wrote over 200 posts in the course of over 4 years and the “C to the A” blog was something that he wanted to make a reality as he missed writing blogs (understandable!). 

When he’s not out watching a live Sacramento game, he enjoys writing blog posts here, learning about the latest in Digital Marketing & traveling around his home state!

Who Is Anthony Pacheco?

Anthony Pacheco was born in the heart of Modesto, CA, thriving in the arts throughout his life. He made his mark in the alternative rock world with his band’s debut album titled Lavender Town, released on June 29th in 2018. The record was released through Tragic Hero Records, which ranked through Billboard in 5 different charts.

Anthony has written for FlippenMusic, a tried and true media outlet in the music industry, from 2015 through 2017, and has since then been writing for a publication called noisetrend. Anthony still writes music, and is making his mark in the digital marketing world one keyword at a time.

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