How to Find Good Ideas for Blog Posts

How to Find Good Ideas for Blog Posts
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How many fellow bloggers out there have experienced “bloggers block”? I’m guessing most of you have at some point. I’ve experienced it many times too throughout my blogging career. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s just a term modified from “writers block” but since we call ourselves bloggers, we have to slightly modify it, but the meaning is the same.

What is Bloggers Block?

Bloggers Block

Bloggers block is that moment when we do not know what to blog next and spend time thinking about what the next blog post will be about. Some might spend a couple of hours and others might spend days, even weeks, deciding what the next topic will be on.

So we’ve all been in that moment but wouldn’t it be good to know how to find good ideas for blog posts?

This would allow you to alleviate the bloggers block moments and always have a source of inspiration for your next post.

Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list here so you can get ideas for your next blog post.

Read the News

Depending on what you blog about, it’s always great to follow the news of your particular blogging topics. It always helps to know what is being talked about for a couple of reasons.

For one, you’re able to provide your readers with the content that they’re interested in reading more about. Two, it provides you with great SEO benefits to be writing about what more people are searching for at any given moment because it’s what everyone is talking about. And, finally, you’re able to find more sources to reference to in your blog posts.

Review Your Comments

Blog Comments

If you’ve followed my other blogs about blogging, you’ll know that I place a lot of value in comments. Well guess what? I have to mention them again lol. Comments are a great source of inspiration for blog topics because you’re getting feedback and new ideas from your readers.

Plus, if they’re talking about something that you don’t mention in your post, it means that they’d be interested in reading more about it. And who wouldn’t want to create content that is already indirectly being asked for by your readers?

I’ve actually started to blog more about topics that interest all bloggers out there after the success that my first blog on blogging, “why blogging is NOT a waste of time”, had. I’ve received so many comments on it (thank you to everyone who’s left a comment and to those who have read the post too!) and blogging is something I know so much about (I’ve been a blogger for over four years) that I enjoy being able to help y’all with your blogs. That was the inspiration that I had to find more ideas to write about.

Your Daily Conversations with Family & Friends

Friends Talking

If your family and friends follow your blog (if they don’t, you should invite them to check it out if you haven’t already) they can be a great source of inspiration for blog topics. Some of the blog topics I’ve written have come about after a conversation and it doesn’t always have to be about your blog. For example, My post on the “pros & cons of retail work” actually came about after talking to friends about retail work and finding out that one of them had never worked in the retail environment.

Use Ubersuggest

I’ve mentioned it before but I have to mention it again, Ubersuggest. It’s a tool that is owned by one of the world’s best digital marketers, Neil Patel. This tool not only helps with SEO but can also be used as a source of inspiration for blog topics.

You just simply add a keyword or two related to your topic and then you’ll get suggestions, related keywords, questions, prepositions, and comparisons on them. Best of all, you can find if there are certain topics being asked that don’t have much competition on search!

Check Out Facebook Groups

Check Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are becoming more and more popular these days and it’s a great way to find out what people are talking about in your blog topic(s) categories. You can use these groups to find ideas based on what people are talking about and the questions they’re asking others.

If you find some posts have received a lot of comments and/or reactions, then it might be a good idea to formulate a blog post around them because it’s likely that people will comment on the post itself too.

Do a Google Search

Google Search

You’ve probably noticed it but when you do a Google Search, you’ll often find a section that says, “People also ask”. This section is a great source of inspiration for future posts because you could write so much on these questions.

For example, if your blog is about dogs and you don’t know what the next topic should be on, but dog food sounds like a good idea, then a search on dog food will provide you with the following “People also ask” questions:

“What is the best dog food for dogs?”

“What are the top 10 dog foods?”

“What ingredient in dog food is bad?”

“What is the healthiest dog food on the market?”

If your blog is on dogs, these are great ideas to help you get started on your next post about dog food. In addition to this, it also allows you to answer questions that people are actually asking!

If they weren’t actually asked, Google would not show them because they want to make sure that they deliver the best experience to the searcher.

Use AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic, is another great tool out there that can provide you with so much blog content ideas. You simply put the topic you’re searching for in their search bar and it provides you with questions, prepositions, comparisons and an alphabetical listing.

It is similar to Ubersuggest in some ways, but they actually provide the data in a different form. You can also save all of the data that you find as an image to be able to reference at a later time.

Another thing to note, is that the data they present comes from the results that you’d find on Google or Bing, but you’d have to search for hours to be able to find all of the data that they provide to you. So their data is actually on keywords that people have actually searched for at some point.

Check Quora

You’ve probably come across Quora page results when you’ve searched for question-type search queries. If you haven’t and don’t know what it is, it’s actually a site where people ask questions on a variety of topics.

And if people are asking questions on so many things and have obtained a lot of answers already, then there’s a good chance that it’s being asked for a lot (because as I said before Quora shows up on so many search results thanks to their “question and answer” format).

This means that you could find so many great topics to blog about based on these questions.

Read a Book/Magazine

Reading a Book

Reading any kind of literature whether it’s a book, magazine, etc. can help you not only learn so much more about your topic but help generate ideas on what you can blog about. It’s also another way to find sources to use for your posts that you can reference to after you start to write your post.

If you’re able to read a physical copy of that book or magazine, it’s probably an even better idea to give you a break from looking at your screen (since we have to already do that for a while when we’re writing our blogs). 

Ask Your Readers

Ask Your Readers

It never hurts to ask your readers on what topics they’d like to know more about next. You could post on your social media accounts and see what responses you get.

After all they enjoy your blog and will have great ideas that you can use as inspiration to write your next post. And best of all, they’re likely to read and leave a comment after they see that you used one of their comment ideas to write your next post! 🙂

Finding ideas for blogs can seem difficult at times but if you use any of the sources above, then you’ll have a much easier time overcoming “bloggers block”.

Are there additional ways that you’d like to add to this list? Are you a part of the many bloggers that suffer from “bloggers block” at times, as well?

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    1. Hi Carolyn, they really are amazing resources. I always say I find it hard to believe that Ubersuggest is free but it’s awesome that it still is and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

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