Blogging Tools To Help Your Blog in 2020

FREE Blogging Tools To Help Your Blog In 2020
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I’m a big fan of words (if I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be blogging right now). There are so many amazing quotes out there that can motivate and inspire you so how can you not appreciate them? But for a blog post you need much more than just words. As we all know with blogging we need more tools that can help us illustrate our topic. We bloggers use additional media such as images, videos, audio files, etc. to help our blog post presentation. And use other tools that help us track our blog performance and plan our strategy.

Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“There’s so many amazing blogging tools out there, but I probably have to pay to use them right?”

Person Thinking

And I’m here to tell you, no there are actually so many FREE tools for bloggers out there.

In fact, all of the blogging tools that I’m about to present to you are some that can be used for FREE! (some of these do have a premium version of them which you may be interested in after trying the free service)

For Analyzing Blog Traffic: Google Analytics

If you’re starting out a blog, you need to install Google Analytics on it. If you haven’t yet, you need to add it as soon as possible. It’s one of the best website analytic tools out there and is fortunately FREE!

It really helps to know what blog posts are visited the most to find out what people enjoy reading the most. Here’s where you can see what posts are doing the best without using comments as a guidance (because no comments does not equal few traffic to the post). If your blog is running under WordPress, there are many plugins out there that can allow you to easily install Google Analytics without having to place the code itself on your site.

For Blog Images: Unsplash

One of the obstacles that you probably think you have when you’re starting out is finding images, and especially finding ones that you can actually use. I was in that spot when I started my first blog site, until I found out about Unsplash!

This website is amazing.

Screenshot: Unsplash

Photographers from around the world share their pictures with everyone and make them available free of cost! And after you’ve searched for an image you’ll truly see that the images they share could easily be ones you find on Shutterstock.

Thank you to all of the generous photographers out there who upload images to it (and not Shutterstock).

For Blog Post Research: Ubersuggest

I continue to mention Ubersuggest in most of my blog posts because it truly is an amazing tool. It helps you get ideas for blog posts, the keywords to use on your posts, do research on your competitors, and so much more SEO stuff! Best of all, it’s completely FREE! (No option for a paid plan, believe it or not!)

Screenshot: Ubersuggest

At the moment, it has no limitations and you get everything the tool offers (you can even track keywords if you create a free account) which makes it even more amazing.

For Blog Writing: Google Docs

One of the best things about Google Drive suite of applications is that everything gets saved on your Google account and you can easily access your files from anywhere. One of the tools I like to use (and I’m actually using right now to write this post) is Google Docs.

Screenshot: Google Docs

It has all of the basic functions you’d find in Word, without the cost of Word!

I rarely use Microsoft Word anymore since I found that all of the features that most people would need are on it. But beyond it being free, my favorite part about it is that you can start writing your blog post on your computer and then on your mobile device, while you’re on the go (and vice-versa).

For Content Ideas: Answer The Public

If you’re looking for tons of content ideas presented in a unique way (that is also able to be saved to reference later), then Answer The Public is the tool to check. And as the name of the tool already says, you’re literally answering the questions that the public has. They get their data from the auto-complete keywords on Google and Bing so you know these are questions that people ask often.

Screenshot: Answer The Public

You also get an amazing visual of the different things that are being asked about your particular topic and now have content ideas for months! 

For Grammar Check: Grammarly

This is one of the BEST grammar check tools out there. One of my favorite things about it is how it can capture most of your sentence structure and alert you of any corrections you need to make. They’ve integrated the tool in more applications too so you could use it in a variety of places (such as your blog editor!) and still have the same grammar-mistake alerts.

Screenshot: Grammarly

Whether you’re writing a blog post or drafting a social media post to share your blog, this tool really helps you in different places.

For Photo Editing: Canva

This site is without a doubt, my favorite go-to site for graphic design. You can create so many different designs on it and they have tons of things available for free accounts!

Screenshot: Canva

You can import your own images as well or use some of their available images,clip arts, etc. (there are free ones available too!). If you’re not sure where to start, they also offer a variety of amazing templates (even the free ones are amazing too!).

For Blog Page Design: Elementor

Sadly, this one’s just on WordPress but if you’re looking to switch your blogging platform, this may be the reason why. If you want to further customize your template on WordPress, Elementor helps you with that. Best of all, you don’t even need to have much coding knowledge because it’s simply a process of dragging-and-dropping the elements you want onto the page.

Screenshot: Elementor

They have a visual editor that allows you to change the different elements of a page on your site and create it basically however you want it to look. It’s amazing all the things that this builder can do for your WordPress site. They do offer a paid version of it as well that gives you even more stuff, especially pre-built page templates that already have a lot of items you’re probably looking to add on a page.

All credit goes to my C to the A Blog co-founder, Anthony Pacheco, for this one, because he found it and installed it on here. After using it to edit some of our pages, I can tell it truly is the best WordPress page builder.

For Blog Post SEO: Yoast SEO

As I’ve mentioned it before, it’s critical to work on SEO for your blog (especially if you want to grow your blog’s traffic, which who doesn’t?) and this tool definitely hits a home-run when it comes to helping you out with it.

Screenshot: Yoast

Yoast helps you have a better understanding of SEO and the things that you need to do on each post to make sure that it’s optimized as much as possible. My favorite feature is that it allows you to edit your meta titles & descriptions (the items you see when you do a search for anything) and see how they’ll be showing up on search results.

It’s mainly used on WordPress sites, but it is available on other platforms, and they could even work with your platform if it’s not listed, according to their site.

For Social Media Analytics/Scheduling: Facebook Creator Studio

If your blog has a Facebook and/or Instagram Page (if it doesn’t yet, you should create these pages because you’re missing out on a lot of traffic) and you’re looking to schedule posts, Facebook offers a useful tool called “Facebook Creator Studio”.

Screenshot: Facebook Creator Studio

This tool not only lets you schedule posts on both platforms but also provides the analytics for them so it can help you with planning your social media strategy for your blog. If you decide to spend money on boosting posts or advertisements on these platforms, you’ll also be able to see that information here too. 

So as you can see, there are a variety of amazing and free blogging tools available out there. We’ve personally used these tools so we’re not just providing you with a list of tools that other people say are great. 

Have you used any of these before? Do you have additional FREE blogging tools that you’d like to share with everyone?

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28 thoughts on “Blogging Tools To Help Your Blog in 2020”

  1. I love this list! I currently use Pixaby for my images, but I’ll give Unsplash a try! I absolutely love using Google docs for writing my blog posts it’s very convenient when I am on the go, and I can’t afford Microsoft office anymore. Lastly, Grammarly is a godsend! It’s one of my favorite things. It has helped improve my writing for the past few months!

    1. Hi Andrea, thank you! Glad I could help. Thanks for adding to the list. I use Pixabay sometimes too. I’m still surprised that Microsoft Office charges for Word. Yeah, Grammarly is amazing. I feel like it’s a must-have for any blogger because it can help you spell check so quickly without having to literally do a spell check on Google Docs lol.

  2. Amazing tools, I think sometime I might’ve needed an application like google Doc but I mostly get everything and write and post right away, saving this list for future, thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Dayma, glad to hear I can help. Thank you. Ubersuggest is one of the best SEO tools out there. I always think it’s amazing how it’s completely free and provides so much data that others charge for.

    1. Hi Carolyn, thank you, glad I can help. Yeah, it’s an amazing tool. I’d also recommend checking out their Site Audit tool because it provides so much great feedback on your blogs SEO performance. You’re welcome.

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