How Often Should You Blog?

How Often Should You Blog?
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Some bloggers have been successful by posting hundreds of blogs, while others just have a couple of blogs and have seen the same success. One of the questions that has probably crossed every bloggers mind when they first started blogging is “how often should I blog?”.

I had the same question when I first started blogging back in 2012 and back then I was only blogging once a week at times because I was constantly trying to figure out what my next posts would be about.

The answer to that question would be: it depends on the answers to these questions.

Is Your Blog a New Blog?

New Blog Post

If you’re starting out a new blog it’s very important to have more content on your site and to be sure that your posts are being indexed on Google (using Google Search Console). If you’ve optimized your blog for SEO, it’ll take time for your post to move up in the rankings but trust me, it’s worth the wait. Taking this into consideration, posting 2-3 times/week would be ideal so that by the end of the month you have at least 8 posts.

How Many Words Are You Writing Per Post?

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One important thing to note is that the more words you write on a post, the better your blog will do on search engine results. Taking this into consideration, the more words we write, the less posts we might have time to work on, BUT, that’s actually not a bad thing.

In fact, this awesome SEO site called “Backlinko”, found that the content that tends to show up in the top 10 organic listings for search has about 2000 words! And this chart shows just how much value a lot a high-word count blog post can provide.

Source: Backlinko

If you’re planning on writing posts that have a high-word count (at least 1,500 words) then blogging once a week should be fine because you’ll likely put a lot of time towards that one blog post.

Another neat thing about high-worded posts is that you’re able to rank for so much more keywords because naturally you’re writing more content and Google likes that.

How Many Posts Do You Have?

All Blog Posts on WordPress Menu

If you have a blog that has, say over 50 posts, then posting once per week (and even once every two weeks) might be okay, if you’re continually reviewing and updating your older blog posts (meaning that you’re spending a good amount of time checking your posts to update them).

What Do I Mean By Reviewing and Updating Your Posts? (And Why Is It Important?)

Reviewing Blog Post

If say you say you wrote a post like the one I wrote on the “places that give you FREE stuff on your birthday”, you’d want to check that the promotions are still valid and add any new places that you find that offer birthday freebies.

Adding more content onto your post, as well as updating content to add new relevant internal links to posts that you created after that one was posted, is really important for your blog’s SEO. It’s especially important to update those pages that you have that are already doing great when it comes to organic search traffic because a newly-updated page can come in and take your ranking in search engine results.

Beyond SEO, it’s also important because you want to deliver the latest content to your readers. Think about it. If you searched for “social media trends”, you’d want to find out the trends for the upcoming year and not some that were relevant years ago, so if you want your readers to be happy, update your content.

How Often Do You Promote Your Blog?

Social Media Apps
Using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way to promote your blog posts.

It’s important to make sure that your blog is promoted as often as possible, especially when you’re starting out. If you promote your blog often, then it’s okay to just blog 1-2 times/week. For example, here at C to the A, we post new posts about 2 times/week, and the rest of the days, we’re promoting both of these posts. Most of our blogs also tend to have a high-word count because we want to make sure we can provide as much content to you so this is a good amount of posts per week.

The more words a blog has (with useful information, of course), the higher likelihood of not only you getting more comments on the post, but also your readers bookmarking it and someone out there referencing your post on their blog (after you’ve promoted it).

When I say promote a blog, I mean sharing your posts throughout a variety of different places which I’ll talk more about in a future post. 

Do You Send Out a Newsletter?

Blog newsletters typically include the latest content posted on a blog and if that’s the case then you should post 1-2/week to have a new post to add on it.

If you have a newsletter, you want to just include that new post or two, and some posts from the previous week rather than 7 new posts so that you’re able to let your readers know of the posts posted in the previous week (incase they missed them). If it’s a monthly newsletter then it’ll give you at least 4 posts to share on it.

Are There More Bloggers On Your Blog?

Are There More Bloggers On Your Blog

If your blog has multiple bloggers then it’s okay for just you to blog once per week so that you can really focus on that one post. Although if other bloggers cover other topics on the blog (as is the case here in C to the A), then I’d say try to post twice per week so that you’re able to get more content on your section.

Do You Have A Lot of Unpublished Content Written?

Wordpress Post with Draft Status

If you’ve had so much time to write a lot of blog posts (that’s awesome!) don’t post more than once per day. In fact, if that’s the case, try to post 2-3/week instead. Why am I saying this? Because you want to make sure that you have the time to promote your posts and so you don’t overwhelm your readers with so much content all at once.

You’re more likely to get more comments and posts read by publishing them slowly.

To illustrate this let’s consider some TV shows these days:

In the days before Netflix, you would have to wait until the next day or sometimes even a week to watch the next episode of a TV show. This definitely caused more excitement and time to talk about the individual episode with friends. These days we have entire seasons being added at once and that takes away from all of the individual episode talk and everyone talks more about the season as a whole. 

You want to make sure that your readers can read your post and share it with their friends.

Are You Blogging Full-Time?

Full-Time Blogging

If you’re considering or are already blogging full-time (if it works out for you, that’s awesome.) then posting 3-4 times/week is fine. The reason being is that for one you have more time to devote to writing long content that can do great SEO-wise (as I mentioned earlier) and the ads on your blog are likely your source of income so you definitely want more traffic.

Although if you post twice per week, that wouldn’t be a bad amount either if you have a high-word count on your posts.

If you have a post that has so much words, it works great to lay out your content in chapters like Brian Dean does on some of his blog posts like his post on Local SEO. In addition to it being a high-word count post, it also has screenshots and colors that go well with the content.

Should I Ever Blog Once Per Month?

Ask Your Readers

Blogging once per month is not great, especially if you’re a new blog and are trying to get more traffic, unless you’re planning on writing a super-detailed blog post each month that has at least 4,000 words with infographics and videos.

Even then, if your blog is new, it’ll be hard to get more readers when they’ll only be able to read new content once per month. At that point, you may even lose readers because they could forget about the blog since there isn’t much new content being posted.

As you can tell that question can’t have a single answer because it really depends on your blog and how long you have been blogging.

I would add to this, don’t stress over how many times you post a blog. The important thing is that you’re providing your readers with useful information as often as you can so that they come back and eventually become loyal readers.

If you still haven’t found the answer to the question, please leave a comment below with information on your blog and I’ll help you answer it.

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