Modesto’s FAQ on Google Search

Modesto, CA's FAQ on Google Search
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This question is for the people who are from Modesto (like me) and the surrounding cities: how many times have you searched for anything locally and included the word(s) “Modesto”, “near Modesto”, or “Modesto CA”? I’m guessing you’ve done that at some point in your search history. If you simply put any of those keywords on Google, you instantly get a list of what seems to be a FAQ of “Modesto” related search terms that have been searched at some point. Some asked as questions others as terminology that is still asking a question without adding a direct interrogative word at the beginning.

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Have you found the result you’re looking for?

If you have, then it may have been due to the fact that someone has done SEO (Search Engine  Optimization) on their website. Results on a Google page don’t just get there randomly but by a practice called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is really complex and can take years to have a better understanding of (since it’s constantly changing)

I am actually an SEO professional so naturally I decided to do some research on what it is that people search for in Modesto, which is also my hometown. In addition to that, I decided to answer some of the questions & searches that people search for, based on my knowledge of my many years living here.

So without further ado, here are some frequently asked questions about Modesto on Google!

Where is Modesto CA?

To start broad with my answer, Modesto, CA is located in California, about midway between Fresno & Sacramento. It’s situated in an ideal location in California because there are a variety of places to go to, within reasonable driving distance. It’s about an hour and a half away from San Francisco (on non-commuting days of course) and a little less than two hours away from Yosemite National Park. 

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When was Modesto CA founded?

Modesto was founded in October 1870.

What’s the population of Modesto California?

According to the U.S. Census, it’s estimated that the population was 215,030 as of July 1st, 2018.

What cities are near Modesto, CA?

There are a variety of cities nearby, for the purpose of narrowing down the list, some of the cities within an hour distance include Stockton, Ceres, Turlock, Manteca, Denair, Hughson, Empire, Waterford, Livingston, Atwater, Merced, Riverbank, Escalon, Del Rio, Oakdale, Salida, Ripon, Lodi, Newman, Patterson, and much more that I’m sure I’m missing.

How far is Modesto from Sacramento?

This one’s easy for me to answer as I go there often to support my favorite soccer team, Sacramento Republic. It’s between an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half, depending where you’re going to (in conditions without traffic of course). For me going to our stadium, Papa Murphy’s Park, which is in Cal Expo, it takes about an hour and twenty minutes. 

Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA
Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA

How far is Modesto from Fresno?

It’s about an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes (again in conditions with normal traffic). 

How far is Modesto from San Francisco?

This one can greatly vary. In moments of minimal traffic (i.e. from 7pm-4am & weekends), it can take about an hour and thirty-five minutes. The rest of the time it can take anywhere from two hours to close to four hours! Yes that’s how bad traffic can be. Of course if you’re driving to the surrounding cities and don’t need to cross the Bay Bridge then it can be less time (a lot of time is spent waiting to pass the toll booth). If you’re wanting to cross the Golden Gate Bridge to enter San Francisco, you can add an additional 30-45 minutes (on normal traffic times) to your total time.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

How many miles to Modesto?

This depends on where you live or what city you’re trying to compare it to, of course. If you Google this, Google will provide you with a precise answer to this question.

What is Modesto CA’s Zip Code?

There isn’t just one but a variety of zip codes in Modesto. They range from 95350-95358 & 95397.

What county is Modesto CA in?

Modesto is in Stanislaus County and is the biggest city in the county.

Where does Modesto Airport fly to?

I believe that at one point they flew only to local destinations so you’d only be able to take a flight to somewhere nearby like San Francisco, but they stopped offering commercial flights back in 2014 but there have been hopes of the flights returning in recent years. The space where the commercial airport was at currently only operates for private air charters.

Why is Modesto so bad?

Modesto is not bad. If you had a bad experience or just heard something on the news, don’t generalize it with the city as a whole, as is common to do. Anything that happens here could happen at any other place in the world.

Is Modesto a good place to live?

Yes, it’s a great place to live at. This is coming from someone who has lived here pretty much most of their life too. If you love shopping, we have a two-story mall with plenty of options. If you’re looking for grocery store options, we have a ton of options there as well. Our downtown has so much history to it and plenty of places to visit. It’s also situated in an ideal mid-point location to a lot of popular destinations like San Francisco, Sacramento, and Yosemite.

Where can I look at apartments/homes for rent in Modesto, CA?

There are a variety of places to look up what’s available for rent. Some of the most popular ones I’ve heard of are, Zillow, & Trulia


When does Modesto Junior College start?

Hey I went there (and still am for the second time!)! The starting date for each semester varies, but if you visit their Academic Calendar page, you’ll be able to find out the exact date when it’ll start. They also have archives of calendars dating back to 2014, incase you choose to do a blog post on your college years and want to find out what the first day of college was a couple of years back. 

What can you do in Modesto?

It’s your lucky day! We actually wrote a blog post on the things to do in Modesto, CA! We’ll be constantly updating it so if you saw it earlier, it may have new things added to the list. 

Flowers in Front of McHenry Museum

Do you have any additional questions you’ve searched for or would search for about Modesto? Please leave them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them (and possibly add them to this list!)


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