New Community Space for Music, Art, Film + More in Modesto, California

New Community Arts Space in Modesto, CA
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Modesto, California is no stranger to the arts. Of course we are the birth place of film giant George Lucas, but there is so much more to the city when it comes to the arts. Our town features places such as the Gallo Center of the Arts, Modesto Junior College’s theatre, The Shire Community Space ; the list goes on. MoTown has a wide variety of places to discover new forms of entertainment, and the way we interact and support the arts is about to change.

The latest addition to our ever-growing city is the Modesto Conservatory of Music, Art and Theatre. The space is a center for creatives to gather, network, and most importantly, create. The Conservatory is a facility where members can utilize their space for a wide variety of creative activities. They have a full fledged recording studio, where members have access to a creative workplace for them to record their next album, or record the next big podcast. The music studio uses industry standard software, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, and more.

Music is a wonderful outlet for many people, but the harsh reality is that it is a very expensive hobby, with little to no return on investment. From music gear to recording, there are many challenges that DIY musicians face. The wonderful thing about the Conservatory is that inclusive to the gear you have access to for recording purposes, you are also capable of hosting shows and events, which is awesome considering that there are not many venues in Modesto.

As for the visual artist, the Conservatory has a studio like environment that is perfect for your creativity to flow. With the implementation of workshops that will be hosted, visual artists such as photographers, painters, and more will be able to learn how to market and distribute their art to further their careers. Oh, and did I mention that you can exhibit your art/photography as well? Super cool.

On the theatre side of things, the Conservatory has a dedicated rehearsal place for you to collaborate on ideas, create a storyboard for your next film, or run through lines for your next production. The wonderful thing about this space for theatre heads, is that you are able to host events for your plays or dance events by being a member.

The Modesto Conservatory of Music, Art and Theatre is a wonderful addition to our creative little big city. We continue to grow as creatives and having more community-centric spaces like this will continue to let us grow and continue to create, which is what art is all about. You grow to create, and what you create, grows.

Check out upcoming events from the Modesto Conservatory of Music, Art and Theatre here.


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