Places That Give You FREE Stuff on Your Birthday

Places that give you FREE stuff on your birthday
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Happy Freeday! I mean “Happy Birthday”! (which is something I’ll likely hear from people I know tomorrow since it’ll be my birthday). We’ve all had birthdays were we get a birthday present from someone, regardless of whether it’s an actual physical gift or just a virtual Happy Birthday gif on Messenger. And if you’re like me, it’s also the time of year when you start getting a bunch of emails from so many places that give you free stuff just because your birthday is coming!

‘Tis the season for freebies my friends.

Who doesn’t like to open their inbox and see emails from a bunch of places that actually care to want you to celebrate your birthday week with them by visiting them and obtaining a gift from them for being a loyal follower of their emails? 

It’s really the time when it paid off to have all those emails come through and not hitting that unsubscribe link. 

Birthday Balloons

So I did my homework and found all kinds of places that offer you a birthday surprise and since it is my birthday tomorrow, I thought I’d share with you some of these places. I’ve tried some and others I haven’t yet, just because I wasn’t aware of them, but am now and will surely be signing up for them to be surprised next year.

Here are some of the places that’ll give you FREE stuff every year on your birthday (as of the date that I’m writing this blog post, of course, but I’ll try to update this list as often as possible if any of these freebies go away). I should note that these offers are (as far as I know) mainly in some of the states in the United States but some of these companies that are in other countries, might offer similar birthday offers internationally too.

I’ll start with food first because who doesn’t like to get free food on their birthday?

The Food/Drink Freebies:


We all know Applebees has good deals sometimes and going there for Happy Hour deals is great! Who doesn’t like their mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce? (I’m getting hungry as I type this).

What’s the freebie?:

Well, when you sign up for their offers they send you a free appetizer offer (which means you can get those mozzarella sticks free!) and on your birthday they’ll send you an offer (I’m not sure of what exactly but you’ll get a freebie of some sort).

Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks, one of the best appetizers ever.


The home of some awesome sandwiches! And a great freebie!

What’s the freebie?:

If desserts at Olive Garden aren’t really the kind you like, and are more of a Milkshake kind of a person, then you’ll be glad to know that this is what they offer you on your birthday when you join their email list.


Who doesn’t like to go to Dennys? They’re everywhere and sometimes it’s the only spot open at 2am when you’re out on a road trip.

What’s the freebie?:

Well if you sign up for their “Reward club”, they’ll not only send you an offer just for signing up (which currently 20% off), but also a free Grand Slam! I received the offer about a week before my birthday so that may be when they send it to everyone.

Edible Arrangements

If you’re a fan of the amazing creations that Edible Arrangements has, then you should definitely join their Edible Rewards program to enjoy your freebie!

What’s the freebie?:

You can get a Chocolate dipped fruit box! According to their website it’s valued at $29.99 too!

Firehouse Subs

If you enjoy the subs at Firehouse (which I’ve never tried before since they’re not around Modesto currently), then you should look into joining their Firehouse Rewards!

What’s the freebie?:

They send you a free medium sub offer! Who wouldn’t want to have a sub for lunch on their birthday, especially if it’s free? I’m not sure when they send the email but I imagine it might be at least a week before like others do.


This is one of my favorite breakfast chains out there. They constantly add different pancake flavors and they offer free pancakes on the famous Free Pancake Day!

What’s the freebie?:

If you love IHOP’s Pancakes, then you’re in luck because that’s what you get on your Birthday if you sign up for their MyHop program. They send you an e-mail for more free pancakes when you sign up and after you’ve turned a year and the rest of the anniversaries following that (until they cancel the program of course lol).

These aren’t IHOP pancakes but serve as an illustration to free pancakes.

Olive Garden

I’ve only been to Olive Garden a couple of times but I do remember that their bread sticks were great. If you go there often or like me, are just out to see who wants to spoil you with freebies on your birthday, then you’ll be glad to know they also have a gift for you.

What’s the freebie?:

A free dessert! Because no birthday is complete without a dessert! You simply sign up for their offers email list and they’ll send this offer to you. I’ve also heard that they can sign happy birthday to you so it’s a perfect opportunity for your family and friends to join in on the song.

Panera Bread

If instead of a Starbucks person, you’re more of a Panera person, because of the fact that they tend to have fresh bread each day or a variety of soups as well, then there’s something for you too!

What’s the freebie?:
If you sign up for their MyPanera program, they’ll send you a reward when you sign up and on your birthday they send you a reward, which from what I remember, I received a free choice of pastry.

Red Robin

It’s the place where you can find so many different kinds of burgers and those famous bottomless fries! It’s also one of the places that’s really generous when it comes to their gift.

What’s the freebie?:

Once you sign up for their Royalty program, they send you rewards throughout the year, but on your birthday you get to a fire-grilled burger free! The neat thing is that you can use the offer anytime during the month of your birthday too.


If you love coffee or just the food they have at Starbucks, then signing up for their Rewards program should be a must.

What’s the freebie?:

They send you a free drink or food item on your birthday! If it’s a daily routine of yours, who wouldn’t want to start the day off by saving some money on your morning drink/food?

Coffee and Thanks Card

And after you’ve gotten your free food, the freebie trend continues with other non-food items!

The Non-Food Freebies (and one that also gives you a food freebie lol):

Best Buy

Who doesn’t like going to Best Buy to look at the latest TV’s for sale? Or to check out the latest phone offerings?

What’s the freebie?:

If you sign up for the My Best Buy Program, you can get a special offer sent to you. I received a 10% offer off a select item, but the offer you receive may be different? They don’t mention what you’ll get on their page but that it’ll just be a birthday gift so that’s why I wouldn’t be sure it’s 10% for everyone. (They may reward frequent purchasers with more? lol).

Dave & Busters

If there’s a Dave & Busters in your area, you’ll be happy to hear that in addition to being able to celebrate your birthday there, they too offer you a nice birthday gift.

What’s the freebie?:

$10 in free game play! Who doesn’t enjoy getting to play a couple of free arcade games? You do have to sign up for their Rewards program, but the neat thing is that you get a good offer right when you sign up and they tend to send email only offers throughout the year.



It’s my all-time favorite furniture store out there. If you haven’t been to one, you have yet to experience what a furniture store should look like. I don’t think there’s a similar one out there.

What’s the freebie?:

This is without a doubt my favorite free offer! If you join their IKEA Family Member program (it’s a great name for a member program by the way) they send a $10 off your next purchase coupon and if you thought that wasn’t as great already, they also send you a coupon for a free birthday meal!!! You really are treated like family when you’re a part of this program.

Happy Birthday
This isn’t from IKEA (that I know of) but, it could potentially be a furniture display you would see at IKEA. If you haven’t visited IKEA, you need to check it out!

Regal Theatres

If you enjoy movies at a Regal Theatre, you may be glad to know that they too can reward you on your birthday. Watching a movie on your birthday is a great thing to do, especially if there are good movies coming out (The Joker movie is coming out on my birthday!).

What’s the freebie?:

If you sign up for their Regal Crown Club they’ll send you a free offer, which if I remember correctly, is a Small Popcorn. I’m not sure if they offer upgrade options like they do when you redeem your points, but they may. In that case, I’d recommend getting the large popcorn because it’s only a couple of dollars to upgrade.

This list will be continuously updated as I find new offers that I think are worth adding to the list and as the offers seem to change.

Happy Birthday from
If it’s your birthday today or if it’s coming soon, Happy Birthday to you from the C to the A team!

Do you have any additional places that you’d like to add to the list? Have you taken advantage of any of these birthday gifts yourself? Please leave a comment below.


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  1. I wish I lived in the US so I could try all these freebies! 😂 I do love the idea of birthday freebies because you deserve to have one day when you’re spoiled!

    1. Hi Daisy, thank you for your comment. Some of these companies might actually offer freebies in other countries too. It’s typical to see that if a company has some sort of mailing list, they’ll probably have a birthday freebie. Yeah I agree. It also helps to create a loyal following for the company. If they celebrated your birthday then there’s a higher chance of you purchasing more from them in the future.

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