Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish
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Hola, buenos días, ¿cómo están? ¡Éste es el primer artículo que yo escribo en el que empiezo hablando en español! If you understood everything I said, then you already know Spanish, but still read ahead because you might find value. If you didn’t understand, trust me, there is so much value in learning Spanish.

I was actually fortunate to have learned Spanish at home and it has helped me so much when it comes to helping others. I’ve had jobs were I’ve been the only person to really speak it fluently and people have come to me to translate conversations. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn more about the language than a native speaker can. In fact, being a native speaker doesn’t always mean that you fully understand the language.

There is no doubt that learning another language in general can provide you with lots of benefits but there are even more reasons why you should learn Spanish, in particular.

Se Habla Espanol

Widely Spoken

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world according to the Cervantes Institute’s Annual Spanish in the World 2017 report. This means that by learning Spanish, you’ll be able to communicate with a lot more people in the world. More communication means you’ll be seen as a more valuable interviewee when it comes to job interviews and you’ll be able to meet more people. To give you an idea of how much the language has grown check this out. The New York Post reported back in 2015, that more people speak Spanish in the U.S. than Spain. Yes, more than the country where Spanish started, so that in itself, tells you how much the language is growing and continues to grow.

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More Valuable Employee

As I mentioned earlier, in some of my jobs I’ve been one of the few employees who actually speaks Spanish and with that being said, this has helped me be a more valuable employee. And even if there are more people that do speak Spanish in your workplace, it’s always good to be able to say that you can communicate with more people than others as this in itself can provide much value to you.

Some Jobs Are Looking For Spanish Speakers

These days it’s becoming more common to see job postings that specifically state that they prefer someone who can speak Spanish. It’s not surprising to see that companies are starting to find more value in that. You’ve probably seen advertisements that are now in both languages or completely in Spanish, something that was not seen as often ten or twenty years ago. The truth is there are a lot of business opportunities in the Hispanic market and companies are realizing this more and more each year.


Easier to Communicate while Traveling

If you travel often to Spanish-speaking countries, it’ll help you be able to communicate with minimal translation-book references. Also, think of how many people you’ll be impressive and surprising as they see that you know the language enough to be able to communicate without asking for much help in translating a word.

Chichén Itzá
Chichén Itzá in Yucatan, Mexico

Watch TV in Spanish

There are so many great movies and TV shows out there that are much more enjoyable when you understand what they’re saying rather than having to read subtitles. In fact, I’ve noticed that sometimes subtitles don’t do as great of a job at translating what is being said. You might even find yourself watching English movies or TV shows, in Spanish, after you hear how the translators speak! (Some can get really intense like they’re actually acting and in some cases they do a better job at acting than some actors do).

Listen and Appreciate More Music

If you love music, then you have to listen to Spanish music too. There are so many genres and while the music might sound great because of the beat, it’s truly a different experience to be able to understand the lyrics. You may think that the lyrics would not be relatable but if you understand them you may find that there is a lot of relatable content and that in itself already makes listening to music that much better. If you enjoy songwriting or singing, think about how much more songs you can write or sing in Spanish, or even translate your favorite English songs in Spanish! (which is always funny especially if you literally translate them).

It Helps Learning Other Languages

Yes, you read that right. If you learn Spanish, this can help you, if you decide to learn other languages such as French, Portuguese, and Italian.

I took a French course in High School and by knowing Spanish it made it that much easier that I picked up more of the language than other people did in my class. Why is this? Well the language of Spanish has different rules, but some of these rules are applicable to other languages like French. Knowing Spanish helps you understand these rules ahead of time and it helps you pick up more of the words easier.


I’m not saying that you’ll learn other languages in a day but it can definitely help you learn them much quicker than if you didn’t know how to speak it.

It Helps You Add The “Bilingual” Keyword

It goes more beyond just being able to say, “yeah I can speak another language”, but that it’s something you can now list on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Companies are only getting more and more technology in their hiring processes these days so some are actually looking for particular keywords in resumes to filter candidate resumes. The word “Bilingual” or “Spanish” might be among the keywords that they choose to look for, so it’ll allow you to be able to do so.

Of course, I wouldn’t make the mistake of adding on your resume, until you feel comfortable with your level of speaking it. Believe it or not, you may actually be tested in your interview to see if you really do speak it. That actually happened to me, but within a minute of answering a question, I passed the test. 

Resume LinkedIn Profile

It Can Help You Write for Spanish Publications

There are many Spanish publications out there and if you enjoy writing, it’ll mean you have even more opportunities to have something published. This too happened to me. I took a Spanish for Spanish Speakers class (because even if you speak Spanish, you might not know how to write it the proper way) and my professor created a newspaper called, Culturadoor, and of course I decided to inquire on how to be able to write for it. Soon after, I wrote a narrative about one of my mornings at my father’s hometown and it was published (you can find it on Page 14). It became the first thing I ever wrote to have been published on a physical newspaper. This wouldn’t have happened, had I not known Spanish, of course.


You Can Teach Others

Once you’ve been able to learn the language and feel confident, you can actually teach others the language. Whether you’re hired as a Spanish professor at a college or you’re just simply teaching family and friends, you’ll be able to teach others and be able to contribute to the languages growth year over year. 

There are many people who are not native Spanish speakers and are still able to learn the language. In fact, in the same New York Post article that I referenced to earlier, they found that about 470 out of 559 million Spanish speakers are native speakers, meaning that 89 million out there aren’t, and you can be one of them! The numbers continue to grow each year as more and more people learn how valuable it is to know Spanish.

Do you have additional reasons you’d like to add? Have you learned Spanish already or are you in the process of learning? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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