7 Reasons Why You Should Work On Campus

Reasons Why You Should Work On Campus
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Ever since I started college back in 2009, I always had the idea of being able to work on campus in my mind. I started working outside of college, and didn’t actually look into working at Modesto Junior College back then, but once I transferred to Stanislaus State a couple of years after, I thought it’d be great to work on campus again, especially since I left my retail job, to focus on my involvement on campus.

It’s kind of funny how I began working on campus because it all happened because of my interest in wanting to have a blog that would be shared on the Stanislaus State Admissions & Outreach department Facebook page (flash forward that blog would be my “Words from a Warrior” blog). I initially thought that all the bloggers just wrote on a volunteer basis and soon found out I was actually applying for a job to write (that was an awesome thing to hear). Unfortunately I didn’t get the job on the first round of applications but I was offered the option to continue on as a volunteer blogger, because I would’ve gotten the job if they allowed one more blogger to be hired.

I decided to start out as a volunteer, and eventually the opportunity came and I became a paid blogger. A couple of semesters after, I had the opportunity to apply for a Student Assistant job on campus, in the same department, which I did, and was lucky to get the job, which I had for over a year (I was still writing the blog too which was great).

So based on my experience of working on campus, here’s a list of reasons why you should work on campus, if given the opportunity!

Close To Your Classes!

I’ll start out with the first one that most people think when they think of working on campus, you’ll be close to your classes! This means that you might be able to work all the way till your class start time and be able to not have to get in the car to go to school because you’re already in school.

Work Experience

You’ll be able to gain work experience in a variety of different functions that you may or may not find a job outside of campus. Also, if in the future, you decide to apply for a full-time job on campus, you’ll have something to talk about in the interviews and a reference or two to include in your application. It might end up being the thing that makes you stand out in a pool of applicants that may have not even attended your college! And of course, even if you decide to apply elsewhere, you’ll still have that work experience of working for a college.

Flexible Hours

Working on campus will likely mean that they’ll be flexible on hours, as you likely may be working part-time. Of course they completely understand the importance of your education (because you are working at your college lol) so they’ll be likely to let you get out early or start late because of a class.

Working on Homework

Easier to Balance Work & School

It’s definitely way easier to balance your work & school time because you do not have to deal with having to get out of work at a certain time to get to your car and drive to school (and find parking, which can be a nightmare especially if it’s during the afternoon in most schools).

Experience Jobs Like No Other

Working on campus might also mean that you have a job that you might likely not be able to have outside of the college. For example, when I was a Student Blogger and it’d be tough to find a paid blogger position out there, other examples are jobs such as team mascot.

There are opportunities at most colleges, to participate in graduation ceremonies. Some even offer to give you a cap & gown for your own graduation if you choose to participate. It’s also a good opportunity to experience what the graduation ceremony is like at your college.

Meeting People

You get to meet so many people that you wouldn’t have likely met otherwise. As a Student Blogger, I met so many different bloggers throughout my over 4 years of being a part of Admissions & Outreach. It also helps you meet people (i.e. your managers) that can help you with reference letters or just be references for future jobs that you apply to.

Participate in Events

Depending on what the job on campus is, you might have the opportunity to participate in events promoting your department. For example, I had the chance to represent our Admissions & Outreach Bloggers team at an event we had in the quad and be able to promote our blogs. 

In general, working on campus is a great experience and no other job is quite like it. It’s true that it might be a temporary job if it was a student assistant job (which is what most of the on campus jobs are for current students) but you’ll gain so much experience and won’t have to rush from your work outside of school in order to make it on time to class.

Do you have more reasons you’d like to add to my list? Feel free to leave a comment below with your reasons.


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