Social Media Tips for Musicians

social media tips for diy musicians
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Music is the universal language of our beautiful planet. A close second to this universal language (also a way we bridge these two magnificent things together) is social media. 45% of the population uses social media, and it is not going to stop there.

But how exactly do you leverage social media when it comes to your music? How do you even reach people when you only have 20 likes on Facebook or only 50 Instagram followers? Is it even worth your time crafting posts that “no one” will see?

The reality is — yes. It is worth it. But why? How does it even get in front of people? How will people discover my page or even listen to my music? Let’s set a couple of ground rules first and then we will get into the nitty gritty.

Less Is More

However you want to word it, quality over quantity is a huge factor when it comes down to posting about your band online. Notice how when check your Instagram feed that the posts do not appear in chronological order anymore? That is instagrams algorithm prioritizing content that is most relevant to the user, in which, the way to gain the attention of these users is to have content that is visually appealing and allows them to connect with you as an artist. The more your followers engage with your content, the more the social outlets algorithm will make a push for your posts to show up on their feeds.

Build A Brand

You need to build something recognizable, lay out a foundation, and establish some branding guidelines. Your social accounts need to give off a unique vibe when people check out your socials or visit your website; something that will instantly be recognizable. A trendy example of this could be having all of your photos/posts be polaroids, or have all of your pictures be in black and white — anything that fits the vibe your music is giving off, as well as making sure that it is quality content.

Develop A Strategy

Your social media accounts need to follow a formula or have a consistent schedule/strategy of content. Nothing spells out “just another band” when artists continue to post “big things coming soon!” You need to keep your audience engaged whether you are releasing music or not. Of course it isn’t the end of the world when you don’t post every day (again, quality over quantity) but you need to keep your momentum going as an artist, ESPECIALLY when you are trying to build your social media accounts up. An example of a tried and true social media strategy is having 3–4 posts a week, whether it is relating to a previous show, any upcoming shows, a graphic with your lyrics thrown over it, talking about other artists that are either established or up and coming, literally anything that engages your users to join in on the conversation, because if people aren’t talking about you or engaging with you, your social media strategy is not working.

Utilize Hashtags.. but Don’t Spam Them

Hashtags are a double edged sword. For example, through Instagram, there are opportunities that align with utilizing hashtags the correct way, such as the potential of trending in that specific hashtag and being in the top post sections of Instagram. This all has to do with the amount of engagement the post receives within the first five minutes of it posting, and this is where it becomes almost a science in the way of how you would have to approach it in a trial and error fashion.

Let’s say you’re an alternative rock band. Okay. If you search #alternativerock you will see that there are over 1.3 million posts and counting for that specific tag, where as the #altrock tag has 426k. Still pretty broad, but you have a much greater chance of trending in that specific hashtag by driving engagement to your posts with quality content and a clear call to action, something that will spark your followers to engage in conversation or like the post without any questions asked.

Developing a strategy while maintaining branding standards is a vital piece to the ever changing puzzle that is social media in the music world. Whether its an algorithm change or a new break through artist, do not let those get in the way of your vision, because once you get the momentum going, do not stop and captivate your audience.


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