Tesoro Fine Mexican Restaurant in Modesto, CA

Tesoro Fine Mexican Restaurant in Modesto, CA
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Back in 2017 (May 25th to be exact) I had graduated Stanislaus State for the second time. I was receiving my Master of Business Administration degree and after the ceremony was over I found myself thinking about where I’d be going with my family to celebrate the accomplishment.

So I took it to Yelp (as I tend to do often) to provide me with the destination. Over my years at Stanislaus, I’d been to many different restaurants in Turlock but I felt like it was a good day to visit somewhere new. And then as I was looking for the best Mexican restaurants in Turlock, I found Tesoro Fine Restaurant (or Mi Tesoro as I I believe was called that way in the beginning or I’m just adding the Mi to it lol).

I wasn’t familiar with them before, which was interesting to me, considering I had been to so many Mexican restaurants in Turlock, but they had good reviews so I had to pick them.

The food was great! And their Horchata was one of the best I had ever had.

Flash forward to last year when they opened a new location in my hometown, Modesto,CA!! This news was great for me as I would now be able to go there more often and that would be and continues to be the case.

I recently went there with my girlfriend and took some pictures to share with all of you of the Tesoro Fine Mexican Restaurant in Modesto, CA!

Tesoro Restaurant in Modesto Menu
Their menu’s are greatly designed and offer a lot of popular Mexican food options.

They have most of the typical options you’d find at Mexican restaurants as well as some that aren’t found in every restaurant like Milanesa. Price-wise, it is of course a little higher than say a Taqueria but remember it is a restaurant and the experience you go through here is great and worth the additional dollar or two. I’d also add that you get what you pay for and might find yourself taking leftovers home for lunch the next day, which is always amazing from any place you go to.

Tesoro Restaurant Chips in Modesto, CA
Tesoro’s chips are great! Plus, they add flour chips which makes them even greater!

Before ordering, you’re of course brought chips and asked what you’d like to drink. Their tortilla chips are great and what makes them unique from most other Mexican restaurants is that they include a couple of flour chips as well. These flour chips are amazing and I’d definitely recommend ordering a complete side of flour chips (which is about $1.99 more as of the date of this post), it’s worth the purchase!

Horchata from Tesoro Restaurant in Modesto, CA
Highly recommend their Horchata. It’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Few places around town actually sprinkle cinnamon on an Horchata drink.

Drink-wise, you have to try their Horchata! I might be exaggerating, but it’s the best Horchata out there. It’s been my favorite ever since I tried it at their Turlock location and they make it the same way at the Modesto location too. You also get one free refill when ordering it (which very few places actually offer when ordering an Horchata).

Burrito, Sope, Cheese, Beans & Rice at Tesoro Restaurant in Modesto, CA
Chicken Burrito, Asada Sope, Beans, Cheese, and Rice Combination Plate
Torta de Milanesa at Tesoro Restaurant in Modesto, CA
Torta de Milanesa de Pollo with Rice & Beans

In addition to these food items I’ve mentioned here, I’ve tried their Tacos (Taco Tuesday $1.25 special by the way!), Quesadillas, Tamales, Flautas (and more things that I’m probably forgetting right now) and all have been great!

If you can’t make it out to try them anytime soon, they’re also on DoorDash!

So have you been to any of the Tesoro locations? (Modesto, Turlock or their taco truck in Oakdale) If you have, what’s your favorite food item of theirs?


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