Ways Social Media Can Help Increase Traffic

Ways Social Media Can Help Increase Blog Traffic
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How many times have we shared our posts on social media?

Often hopefully.

Ten years ago, we weren’t as lucky as we are today to have various places we can share our posts at.

We’re pretty lucky today.

We can help our blog posts be discovered by our target audience much easier.

And each social media platform can offer you a variety of different ways to increase the amount of traffic that your posts get.

Here’s the ways that social media can help your blog see increased traffic.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have risen in popularity and a part of this is because Facebook has had campaigns within the last year to encourage people to join and create groups. If you’re a member of groups, you may have noticed that you see more of them on the news feed. What does this mean? It’s a good time to join a group.

Join groups that your target audience would follow. If the group offers an opportunity to share your blog posts, then do so in the appropriate posts. In the event that they don’t, you may still be able to share them. If you have posts that answer a question that someone has in the group, it’s a good opportunity to share your link. Of course, make sure you also leave comments without links so the group admins can see that you’re not just there to promote yourself.

Create a Facebook Group

To continue with the group topic, also consider creating your own group. Here at C to the A, we created our own group recently. In our case, it’s a group to help answer bloggers’ questions, share blogging tips, and for everyone to share their posts.

Make sure that your group isn’t just to promote your posts but also to encourage others to talk about related topics. If you create it using your blog’s Facebook page, it’ll appear on your page’s groups which can help you promote it.

Once you begin the group setup, you’ll notice that there are so many settings that you’ll want to review. The more customized your group is the more unique it’ll be and that can help increase its popularity.

Create a Facebook Page

I didn’t list this first because it’s not as important as it was at one point. Facebook has decreased Organic Reach for pages as they focus more on Groups. Still, you should still create a page because it’s another way to be able to share your posts. It also allows you to boost your posts, should you choose to spend money to promote them. Your followers will still have a chance to see your page posts on their news feed if they engage with them. Engaging means reacting, commenting, and/or sharing posts.


Add Hashtags

Hashtag on Tweet Reply

Hashtags are synonymous with Twitter. Use them in your tweets and replies. But don’t just use any of them because they’re trending (unless your blog is relatable). Use ones that relate to your post. It’ll help ensure that your target audience sees your post. For your replies, only use one or two hashtags if you want to add hashtags to them.

Catch Your Audience’s Attention

We recently started sharing our posts in a different way. They’re now more conversational and it seems to be better than just sharing our posts. The more you capture your audience’s attention, the more likely they’ll want to click on your link.

Here’s an example of one of our tweets:

C to the A Tweet

Fortunately, Twitter increased the total Tweet character count so this greatly helps with this.

Review Hashtags & Reply

Your audience has questions and you have the answers. When they tweet their questions, they’re likely adding hashtags. That’s where you come in with your replies. They may become your next loyal reader after reading your post. Make sure to review the hashtags that your audience is using.

Check for pages that are in your blog topic that may allow you to share your posts. We follow so many accounts that help bloggers share their posts. One of them is TRJ For Bloggers.


Post Engaging Images

I know you’re probably thinking, “Instagram won’t let me share links on posts” so how can it help? Well, fortunately, your page bio can have a clickable link. And posting engaging images can help increase the clicks to that link.

By engaging images, I don’t just mean quality-wise but also ones that encourage comments.

For example, we recently started a “Blogger Question of the Week“:

Follow Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags Are Valuable for Blog Posts

Similar to the Twitter scenario I mentioned earlier, review the hashtags that your audience is using on Instagram. Follow the main ones that you want to see on your news feed too. As you’re reviewing them, like and/or comment on images that your audience is sharing. There’s a good chance that they’ll visit your profile and then click on your blog URL.


Share Your Post

Post Share on LinkedIn

If you’re on LinkedIn, you should share your posts there too. They use the hashtag system too so do add some hashtags if you’d like (probably up to 4 at most). If you don’t have many connections, don’t be discouraged. All it takes is a connection sharing your post for traffic to be able to increase. You’re also able to see how many of your connections viewed your posts.

Share on LinkedIn Groups

Just like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn groups are a great way to share your blogs. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the groups are related to your content.

When used in the right way, social media can greatly help you increase traffic to your blog. These four are the ones that I know the most about (still learning more about Pinterest) as I’ve used these for years, not just personally but professionally as well.

Do you have additional ways and/or social media platforms that you’d like to share?

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