What Your Social Media Strategy Should Look Like for 2020

2020 social media strategy
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What was once a Social Media Manager’s secret weapon is now a Social Media Manager’s worst nightmare. With social platforms constantly adjusting their algorithm to enhance the “user experience,” we are in turn thrown curveballs when it comes to reaching new users to develop a following and even generate engagement through our current followers.

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Social Media Marketing has been on a downtrend since 2016. Remember when Instagram updated its algorithm and how they adjusted users’ feeds? It was a nightmare — I remember how my feed used to be in chronological order and I wouldn’t miss a beat — for example, if it was 5:00 pm on a Thursday, when I would open my Instagram feed, I would see posts from 4:30 pm, 1:00 pm, and then it would be posts from a day ago, three days ago, etc. Now when I open my feed, take a look below and witness how the dates are all over the place.

instagram strategy 2020
My Feed — Yes I Follow Hello Kitty, Why Don’t You?

Crazy right? But it is real. And yeah, it probably isn’t news to you, but what is it that you are doing to combat this? How do you even consider social media a platform to advertise and reach potential customers? Sure, you can boost a post here and there and hope it catches people’s attention but is that cost effective? Is it worth investing your money into posts just to gain “social clout” as I like to call it? Will it really even drive conversions, get people to sign up for your mailing list, or pull the trigger on your newest hot product?

Social media content is dying

Facebook’s algorithm is fighting against user generated content from businesses, pages, and publishers. Facebook claims it is because their platform is all “about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.” Okay. That makes sense right? Facebook is a social platform. So the way to craft our social media strategy now is to have the user in mind — in other words, you have to take the U out of the user.

What the heck does that mean?

It isn’t about you anymore. What I mean by taking the “U” out of user, is that your social media content cannot be focused on your goals, rather your content has to be focused on the users’ goal. Your goal may be to sell more t shirts, but is the users goal to buy more t shirts? No. The users goal is to look fashionable, be trendy, look fresh. What does your product have to offer to the consumer? Distinguishing this and rather than shoving your product down a prospects throat, you have to align their goals with yours. Not only does your content have to be informative, eye-catching, and user focused, but you have to strike a conversation with your consumers. But it has to make sense for your target audience.

For example, here is the reach from one of my pages in the last 28 days according to Facebook.

facebook algorithm 2020

See them two spikes?

That is when I engaged in a conversation with my users, rather than just posting a tip, or a fun fact or trying to hard sell them on your product, service, etc. Naturally, the more eyes you have on your social posts, whether it be comments, shares, likes, reactions, all the clout we love to see on our platforms should drive conversions or website visits right?

On the left, I did not engage in conversation, only reaching about 7,000 people. On the right, I reached over 300,000. How? By engaging in conversation.

Your social media posts will only drive conversions if your content resonates with your target audience, consistently. Of course not everything you post will get a huge amount of reach every single time; we are dealing with humans after all. Things change, people change, algorithms change, but adjusting your messaging to align with the user rather than your business goals, will make a digital world’s difference and result in positive results.

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