Reasons Why Blogging is NOT a Waste of Time

Reasons Why Blogging is NOT a Waste of Time
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“Just another WordPress site”. I remember seeing this title on the first blog site I created. Of course it might make you think, how many WordPress sites are there on the internet? (we’re one of them by the way) and is my blog going to really be “just another”?

You may be discouraged from starting a blog, simply because you may find things like the fact that there are over 600 million blogs worldwide.

But, don’t pay attention to the number!

Think more about the fact that while there may be that many blogs out on the net, no one else has YOUR voice.

And look, I’ve created over 200 blog posts and am here to tell you that there are a variety of reasons why blogging is NOT a waste of time, contrary to what you may be told elsewhere. 

It’s YOUR Blog

Let me start by saying that if you create your blog, it’s your creation! And that in itself should make you proud. Whether one person reads one of our blog posts, or thousands do, what matters is that you have a space to publish your content.

We’re living in a time where you have the privilege to be able to create your own blog (whether you go the free or paid route) and write about whatever you want. Before the internet days, you had to be published on an actual print publication for your content to be read by many. Today, all it takes is typing on a keyboard and clicking on that post button, for your content to be live.

Resume Builder

If you lack work experience on your resume or just want to be able to say that you spent your free time working on a blog, it can greatly help you. It’s something you can mention on your resume and on LinkedIn. Back when I wrote my first blog, “Words from a Warrior”, I would talk about it at interviews and share the link to the post. Sometimes I would even be asked about it and a couple of times I sent some samples of some of my best blog posts.

That would not have happened had I not had that blog.

Reading The Comments

Reading Blog Comments

As a blogger, it’s great to be able to receive comments that your readers leave you on a blog (if these are appropriate of course; shout out to all of our readers who leave comments! lol). There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that someone took the time to leave you a comment and best of all, read what you had to say! Do however, make sure that you respond to the comments you receive (like we do here) because why would you ignore a comment?

I would recommend, however, that you have your WordPress site settings formatted to be able to approve them prior to them being posted on the blog (that’s how we have ours here) to filter out any spam and other inappropriate comments.

The More You Post, The Higher Chances of Having a Great Blog

More Blog Posts Posted Really Help Your Blog

It’s true that there may be so many blogs out there and that there are over 10 million posts posted per day, but let me tell you something, your post can still stand out! When you have a blog, it’s important to make sure that you post as often as you can because the more posts you have, the more posts have the opportunity of appearing on search engine! This means that out of all of your posts, you may just have a post that ends up appearing on the first page of search and get so many visitors!

Don’t be discouraged by the statistic because although it might seem like someone in the world has already written about the topic you’ve chosen, you can add your own voice & creativity to it and it may even be a topic that hasn’t really been blogged about.

More Promotional Tools

Hashtags Are Valuable for Blog Posts
Hashtags can really help promote your blog posts. We tend to use them often on our Tweets too. In fact some of you may have discovered our blog thanks to a hashtag we added too.

Back when blogging first started in 1994, there weren’t many tools to promote your blog available. These days of course, we know that we can promote our blog across so many social media sites out there. They launch more and more features constantly which helps us bloggers be able to share our posts with people around the world and have an international following.

We really live in a world where we can now have our content being read by people in so many countries these days In addition to social media, your posts could also come from Google searches from around the world too! There are of course other promotional tools available out there and that helps us bloggers with being able to have our blogs read by even more people than ever before.

Readers Will Always Be There

Reading a Blog Post

Yes it’s true that we’re living in an age where there’s people that would rather watch a video than read a blog (and for them, you could do your own videos in which you talk about the items on your post!) but there are still people who prefer to read content!

And don’t think that only the people who comment actually read your content.

I’ve received actual “voice” comments (or people actually talking lol) from people that I know that have read my blogs and I’m sure there are many more out there. Don’t be discouraged if a blog doesn’t get any comments because some of the comments I’ve heard have come from posts with no comments.

There’s Value in Your Words

Don’t think that because you’re not a researcher that might discover the next groundbreaking thing, you don’t have any value to provide, because you do!

As I said earlier, if you voice your opinion through your blog posts, you may be talking about something from a point of view that hasn’t really been talked about before. It may also help someone who’s searching about your topic and has never really read something from your perspective.

Everyone has a different perspective on things and can express themselves in different ways.

You may write a blog on an existing topic but have new ideas to add to it that others haven’t really mentioned before.

Don’t be discouraged by thinking that what you’re about to say has been said already because no one has said it from YOUR point of view.

There May Be Limited Posts or None On Your Topic

Google on Mobile Device
Sometimes you may search for something and actually find that there isn’t something written on what you’re looking for or very limited results on the topic.

While it’s true that there are so many blog posts out there, there are still so many things that just a couple of people have written about or no one has ever even written about!

For example, here on our blog’s Travel section, we’ve written posts about my hometown, Modesto, California such as things to do in Modesto and a Modesto FAQ on Google. These topics weren’t really mentioned before on a blog (that I know of) and being able to post about them is great because there’s a lot to be said about my hometown. Plus add to that, that there aren’t many bloggers in Modesto (at least that show up on Google).

You Can Become a Source

Value in Your Blog Words

You’ve probably noticed that I add links to external sites from time to time to provide you with the source of the information. And guess what? You could be that source for bloggers and other sites!

Getting a backlink back to your blog, is not only good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it also helps you obtain new readers that’ll come from all of the places that have linked to you! Of course the more posts you do, the higher the chances of more sites linking to you, but you also have to make sure that you have posts that are lengthy and that can provide value to others.

The more your blog posts are promoted throughout different places, the higher chances of others reading them, finding value, and providing a link back.

You Can Share Your Moments

You Can Share Your Moments

If you like to take pictures and tell a story, having a blog allows you to do that! Sure you could do that in social media too, but wouldn’t you rather have control of how the platform where you tell your story looks like?

When you post all those amazing pictures you took during your last vacation on social media, they get all of the credit search-engine wise (especially if it’s on a Facebook Page) but if you do on you blog, you get it all! And wouldn’t you rather have people who are searching on Google Images, find your blog rather than a Facebook Page?

If you haven’t started a blog yet and were thinking about it, go create it. If you already have a blog and haven’t really posted as much, continue to do so.

I said it already but I’ll repeat it, “Blogging is NOT a waste of time!

Bloggers, do you have additional reasons that you’d like to add to the list? Please feel free to leave a comment below and let’s continue to motivate all bloggers to continue posting! 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Reasons Why Blogging is NOT a Waste of Time”

  1. This is a very encouraging read. It throws a life preserver in the ocean of numbers that are against you as a blogger and shows that success can only come through perseverance and playing the game.

    1. Hi Laura, thank you. We bloggers need to overcome any challenges that are presented and continue writing. In order for your blog to be successful you need to be patient and continue to blog and eventually you’ll start getting more traffic. And among that traffic you’ll have loyal readers.

  2. Luis,
    It is a known fact that only boring things make people wealthy – even Elon Musk has a company called Boring.

    The majority of bloggers find blogging so boring and give up halfway. Those who hold on and stay the course are the ones who see the mesmerizing results. These truths and facts leave those who stopped blogging salivating. The long haul is where results show up. Isn’t it true that even Google may snub a website if it has not surpassed one year?

    Thank you for reminding us to return to the basics. These simple reasons coupled with persistence, are the winning strategy for successful bloggers and content creators.

    Kudos to bloggers.

    1. Hi Hazlo, thank you, well said. Yes, the longer your blog has been on the internet (and indexed by Google of course), the better your Organic Search traffic can be. And even if you’ve been blogging for years, if you stop blogging, your Organic Search will eventually drop because other blog posts may start outranking your posts as time goes by.

  3. Haha I remember 10 years ago I didn’t have a clue that something like blogging exist at all. My group of 5 people created a 4 following edition of rock music fanzine written in Word and kept sending a .doc file to readers with e-mail hahahahahaha That time we should to start blogging instead but we just didn’t know about this opportunity hahahahahaha
    Then I had a break maybe 8-9 years and finally I started my own rock music & travelling blog this July 2019.

    1. Hi Sam, that’s cool! I’ve never heard of a document newsletter before but that sounds convenient for your readers because they could just read it all in the email. The good thing is that you already had a list of readers so even though there was a break until your blog started, you already had loyal newsletter subscribers who will check out the new blog now. Aside from that, it’s never too late to start a blog as I usually say.

    1. Hi Mint, yeah and that’s why I think that more bloggers from smaller cities should definitely write about their city too. Even if they live in a smaller city, there’s always people going to a search engine to find out more about them and restaurants and shopping locations in the area.

  4. Great post! New blogger here, and so far I’ve been keeping up with posts for a paltry audience. It’s nice to know that there are more reasons to keep up with it besides pageviews. And when I start to get frustrated, I remember why I started the blog in the first place: it brings me great joy to reach out to people and help them with their problems. Thanks!

    1. Hi Carolyn, thank you! Welcome to the blogger world. Yeah, many bloggers tend to think that it’s all about how much views you get on a blog post and that should not be the case. If you’re able to help even just one of your readers, that automatically makes your time spend on the post, worth it. And even if you don’t receive comments on a post, there is someone out there there that you likely helped but they just didn’t leave a comment. It’s my goal that this post helps bloggers overcome that thought of just getting page views as being the only thing that motivates them to blog and I’m glad it helped you.

  5. I started because I couldn’t find specific things to do in Tampa, Florida. Residents and tourists are always looking for areas to explore when they travel to your city. I want to figure out those places too. Great post and I think you now have a loyal reader.

    1. Hi Cory, thank you! That’s great. I’ve been to Florida once myself, to the Orlando and Bradenton area. I hope to be able to visit it again sometime and when I do, I’ll definitely be visiting some of the places you blog about. I think it’s great to be able to share your knowledge about your hometown with anyone who’s visiting the area. We actually did something similar here with a couple of blog posts that we’ve written on our hometown of Modesto, California. There’s few blog posts out there that are actually written by people who live in the city they’re blogging about so it’s great to see you blogging about Tampa. Glad to know that we have a loyal reader. Thank you.

      1. I’ve come from the TRJSupport Chat.😊 I read a twitter thread once where people were talking about the rise of YouTube over blogs and how people usually can’t be bothered to read posts anymore, but I agree with you that views shouldn’t put anyone off. I may not get many views on some of my posts for example, but reading the few comments from readers who really valued it is worth so much more than that! I hope this post will lift some motivation in bloggers who are unsure of whether to carry on or not.

        1. Hi Aimee, thank you. Yeah, there will always be people who would much rather read than view a video. I agree comments are really valuable. The number of comments and post views that I’ve received on this post helped motivate me to write more posts on blogging. It also contributed to the theme of the blog changing from being about so many different things to just being a blog that helps bloggers, students, and tech enthusiasts succeed.

  6. I’m so proud of you, Luis! 🙂 You’ve come so far since I first hired you as a “student blogger” all those years ago, and I couldn’t agree more with this post. I’ve been blogging since the early days, across a bunch of different blogs, and all of them continue to amaze me with the traffic they can attract even years later. Never underestimate the power of useful information offered up when and where it’s needed.

    1. Hi Alyssa, thank you! 🙂 I’ve always said it and will continue to say it, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to be a student blogger. I wouldn’t have been blogging now and would not know so much about blogging had it not been for you.

    1. Hi Iwan, yes that’s a good way of looking at it too. It allows for our advice to be able to be sent to so many people that may be looking for it. This blog post is a great example too lol.

    1. Hi Yaya, thank you. And yes I agree, being able to voice your opinion on anything is never a waste of time and fortunately blogs provide us bloggers with that space. It’s also great that blog space providers like WordPress (which is my most favorite platform ever) constantly update the platform to make it easier for any blogger to start a blog.

  7. This was such an encouraging blog post, thank you!! I feel like you see so many negative blog posts about “what you’re doing wrong on your blog” that you can kind of get a bit discouraged about your own blog and the hard work you put into it. Because you’re right, there is value in our words and there will be readers to read our blog, if we can get it out there (which is also hard work!). Thank you for the inspiring post. I really needed to read it 🙂

    1. Hi Emily, thank you! 🙂 I’m glad I was able to help inspire you. And yes, promoting our blog posts can be hard work. I’m actually going to be working on a post to help bloggers out with finding ways to promote their posts too. I’ll send you the link to it once it’s posted.

    1. Hi Teresa, thank you! Yeah it is truly valuable and being consisting with blogging also means that you can have more writing samples to share during interviews and post-interviews.

  8. Great post! Blogging is not a waste of time by any means. You can use blogging to generate a passive income or position yourself as an expert in your niche. Plus blogging can be repurposed so when you create a blog you can reuse it for other things to market yourself.

    1. Hi Alison, thank you. Yes I agree with you. Blogging is so amazing and can help you out in so many ways that for someone to say that “blogging is a waste of time” is hard to believe (especially if they’re bloggers themselves lol).

    1. Hi RealBadMommy, thank you. And yes you definitely have to be in it in the long haul and once you become a blogger, it can become a hobby lol. I had to end my last blog that I had for over four years, because I was graduating college but had a 2 year wait between wanting to start another blog and finally making it happen. You definitely learn a lot after you’ve blogged for a while too.

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